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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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you play whifl ball and poker. >> poker? >> follow me on facebook. you'll surely see more of you tomorrow night. good night. >> good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. iranians put to the streets today to celebrate after a nuclear deal between iran and six world powers was announced but here in the united states there is seemingly no cheering from anyone outside the obama administration. in fact the president spent the day trying to sell his deal to a skeptical press, white house, press corp. and congress. tonight the leader the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world is at large after his escape from what
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was supposed to be mexico's strongest maximum security prison. el chapo, with an almost $4 million reward on his head but mexico telling foreign governments including that of the united states that they don't want any help in their efforts to capture him. why? we'll have the answers. and the greek parliament has just passed a new austerity and reform package hours ago before it protests in the street of athens athens. tonight's yes vote critical for the international monetary fund some $96 billion. the protests you're looking at there turning violent just a couple of hours ago but dying down now with the vote the path is paved for more of that money to come from the european juneunion
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to save the bankruptcy greek government. something the president did not mention in his conference a death of kate stinely. she was murdered on a san francisco pier by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and released from piz earlier this year because of san francisco's sanctuary cities. yesterday someone didn't know who she was and he couldn't say whether the administration had reached out to her family. san francisco's mayor is defend defendingdefend defending sanctuary cities and he blames the government's policy of not communicating with immigration and customs enforcement. in. >> our sanctuary policy was not
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meant to be a safe haven for criminals who tear our neighborhoods apart. this policy is a threat to public safety. this policy should be rescinded immediately. >> sanctuary cities like san francisco have released more than 8,000 criminal illegal immigrants into our cities in just over eight months. mexican officials released video that shows el chapo's final moments in prison just before his escape. the video shows the head of the drug cartel walking to his bed and then changing his shoes, then walking to the shower area and then ducking behind a low-divideing wall and from there he disappeared into this a tunnel. a mile long tunnel and he entered through a gaping hole in
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the floor in the shower area to that sophisticated tunnel that included specially modified ventilation, lighting and eve an motorcycle to transport him. officials say a tunnel of such sophistication would normally take as much as two years to complete but he apparently sent about 18 months in jail and he had something like a quarter of a century of experience in building tunnels as he has done so often. he and his organization under the u.s./mexico border. the greek parliament just moments ago passing on austerity and reform bill as required as the first step to open bailout moneys to flow into greece. the bill to impose sweeping tax hikes and spending cuts approved with the support of three proeuropean opposition parties. the vote coming after
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demonstrators and protesters flooded the streets. police responded with tear gas. president obama today warned lawmakers that failure to support his nuclear deal reach with iran would only increase the likelihood of war. >> this deal makes our country and the world safer and more secure. it's why the alternative, no limits on iron's nuclear program, inno inspections, the risk of regional arms race and the risk of war would endanger our security. >> our next guest says the nuclear agreement allows iran to maintain a vast uranium capacity and gain and industrialized
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program once key parts of this deal expire in as little as ten years. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee and a member -- the president today framed this deal which most people i think reasonable people would say should be a treaty but nonetheless, framed this deal as a choice between his deal and war. >> lou my concern is what was put at the agreement at the last hour. that was the lifting of other sanctions that had to do with their intercontinue tental targeting system. at the last minute this was put into the agreement. the pentagon i think is very upset about it. i'm going by the words of the chairman of the joint chiefs of
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staff who said under no conditions should these sanctions will leftedifted and by the words of the secretary of defense who strongly objected. that's my main concern but secondarily, so give iran money on the front end here as we lift the sanctions which they'll move into buying additional ter ror in the region and lastly, a 24-day process instead of 24-hours for access to sites. that's not go anywhere any time inspections. >> the president said 24/7 inspections, verification and can you in any part of this agreement find anything that approximates 24/7 go where the inspectors will at their choice and at the time of their
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choosing? >> you and i thought that 24/7 meant 24 hours to go and inspect. it turns out it meant 24 days and 7 might mean is seven months it might take to go through the process of objections from china and russia as part of getting the permission to get into those sites. this is a disaster in terms of the ability to have inspections. this is worse than the north korean nuclear framework agreement which did not have inspections and we know how that ended up with north korea. >> do you regret that the. leadership did not insist on constructing this as a treaty and insisting upon a two-thirds approval on the part of the senate? it looks right now and i'd like your opinion, it looks very much right now like the burden rests upon primarily the republican
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party and there is a slight chance that if the republicans and democrats, some of them object to this deal that there's very little chance they can stop them. >> if we could get the 60 votes in the senate in order to get legislation threw to make it a treaty. the precedent they were looking at was the north korean was not handled as a treaty or others with the former soviet union. so what they said was the court would not take it up. the court opined in the past this was between the house and the white house. >> and your reaction to the fact that this president, this white house is taking this deal to the united nations for its approve,
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arespective of what the united states congress does or does not do. >> mike mccall and i, he's chairman of homeland security fired off a all right to the president of the united states directing the white house not to do that. indeed yesterday, i called the deputy at the white house in charge of this and today i talked to our ambassador south united nations to say don't do this. congress has the right to review this document over the next 65 days. they're arguing it won't go into effect for 90 days. we're saying we feel when the facts come out in front of the american people we have an opportunity to rally the american public in a bipartisan way against the agreement. >> and if president obama ignores your letter? >> if he ignores our letter we're going to push forward with our letter of disapproval and that will include not allowing
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the lifting of the sanctions on the arms embargo. we're incorporating that into our effort to oppose what the white house is attempting to do. >> it's going to be quite a month or two hour. chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. new warnings that the pacific northwest could be wiped out in a massive earth quake. the new yorker publishing a terrifying article in which it reports plates are grinding against each other located off the west coast. something that the geologists say could unlusheash a huge disaster. our operating assumption that everything west of interstate
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five will be toast if the big one, the very big one, hits. well beach goers in florida getting a little more than they bargained for. they were watching the navy's blue angels perform, the daredevil pilots known for pulling off incredible stunts and here we go. over the past weekend, one of them did a fly by so low it sent tents and umbrellas flying and the crowd loved every second of it. most of them cheering as the plane disappeared from the horizon after the very low pass. go blue angels. up next we take up the congressional effort to put a stop to sanctionuary cities.
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our next guest announced they will vote on federal law enforcement money from doing to sanctuary cities. more than 200 cities refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. joining us tonight is the chair of the senate border security caucus.
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senator, good to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> let me start first with iran and just your quick take on the deal that secretary kerri has conclude with the iranians. >> i >> my quick take on the details i've seen is it's a very bad deal. i felt we were moving this way for months and now it's been sealed. i think it's bad for the u.s. israel and freedom. number one, it's going to undertone terms allow iran to eventually get a nuclear weapon by the very terms of the deal and number two, i think there are so many loopholes in terms of verification that iran is going to cheat sooner rather than later. >> and on immigration, you have been for years, putting forward legislation that would remove federal funding, law enforcement funding for sanctuary cities.
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this is now a major national issue. it should be. >> yeah. it's about time. i've been putting forward the bill since 2009 to say that sanctuary cities should not get federal support, particularly for law enforcement. they're ignoring federal law with an actual policy that says we're not going to follow federal law and cooperate in any meaningful way with immigration enforcement. >> unfortunately, both republican and democratic presidents have permitted these sanctuary cities which as you say, is flouting federal law. how in the world is it that we have tolerated that under both party's presidents and congresses and senates? >> i don't get it. i think we should all come together around common sense enforcement and certainly common sense enforcement has to include all local and state law enforcement cooperating with
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i.c. i.c.e. that's what federal law and everybody should cooperate. not take over the burden and have unfunded mandates. sanctuary cities absolutely do not and in significant numbers of cases, it leads to horrible results. and, of course, we saw the most horrible result in the tragic murder of kate stinely in frisk, recently. >> and jeh johnson today before the house judiciary committee behaving as if he had never heard the name kate stinely. >> it's mind bogtology megling to me. it's like he had never heard the name, had tono idea what it was about when this is a major incident right in the middle of his responsibilities. >> and he says that he doesn't
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want to make so-called detainers mandatory in the sanctuary cities because it would create a problem for the dhs and its ability to work with state and local law enforcement. >> ridiculous. lou, last year between january and august of last year 8,000 serious felons were released by sanctuary cities without telling i.c.e. anything without making arrangements to come and pick them up to start deportation cities. 8,000 and that included some ultra dangerous criminals. and we're talking about all felons. this is ridiculous. >> always good to have you here. thank you. >> thanks lou. >> when you're a tourist it's a good idea to keep out for your camera. a german tourist had his go pro
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snatched by an unlikely camera. a seagul snatches it. a bird's eye view if you will the bird eventually dropped the camera. just enough time for a quick selfie then flew up. up next a few thoughts on the president's silence on kate stinely ease tragic death, and policing against a war against law enforcement. we'll have that story and much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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sometimes it is simply too much. russia's president has a new admirer. are you ready? president obama in an interview with the new york times raised putin for having them clench the
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uranium nuclear deal. the winner is iran in that deal but so does russia win pretty well. it's opened up a whole new market for russia's weapons sales. >> russia was a help on this and i'll be honest with you, i wasn't sure given the strong differences with russia around ukraine if this would sustain itself. we would not have sustained this deal had it not been russia's willingness to stick with us. >> is president obama is maeser of compartmentalization. he went onto say he hopes they can have closer discussions in the future. maybe it will include russia's provocation and the massive buildup in eastern europe or the threatening of american navy ships in international waters
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and the list goes on. now a few thoughts on president's deafening and disappointing silence of kate stinely by an illegal immigrant. murdered by criminal illegal immigrant two weeks ago, her death has galvanized public takes and created debate and shaped public opinion already. presidential candidates are speaking out. there's now a growing debate about illegal immigration and sanctuary cities which seemingly every politician until now had tried to avoid at all costs. one politician still avoids her name. the president hasn't mentioned her death still. yet, he's the same president who took time to write personal letters to 46 drug offenders who is sentencers he commuted and not a pension today in his one hour seven minute long news
6:28 am
conference for a question by the white house press corp. and baffled by a congressman's question. simple asking if the white house had reached out to the family. >> has the administration reached out to the stinely family. >> who? >> the family of the woman who was brutally murdered by this individual who had committed seven different felonies in four different states and had been deported and kept coming back. has the administration reached out to that family? >> i'm sorry. i don't know the answer to that question sir. >> well the obama silent treatment is unusual. in the cases of michael brown and freddie gray mr. obama was quick to speak out.
6:29 am
mr. obama dressed freddie gray's death and he sent officials of his government to the funerals. the president's silence on the young woman's murder speaks loudly and clearly because the president's policies our wide open border and the sanctuary city of san francisco all bear responsibility for her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant at large in a sanctuary city. our quotation of the evening tonight on the simple and false choice the president insists he faced in the iranian nuclear deal. from george bernard shaw who said beware of false knowledge. it is more dangerous than ignorance. we'll be right back.
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the main news tonight, president obama defending his nuclear deal with iran saying it meets u.s. national security interests in a rare hour long news conference at the white house. he dismisses critics, calling congress to vote in favor of the
6:34 am
deal. >> i am not betting on the republican party rallying behind this agreement. i do expect the debate to be based on facts and not speculation or misinformation. >> high expectations on the part of the president. well $10 billion man, none other than donald trump who exposed his finances today. his campaign says he's worth in excess of $10 billion. billionaires at forbes say he's worth about half that. we're going to the authority himself, steve forbes and february jeb bush dejounsing trump on the campaign trail. equating him to president obama.
6:35 am
>> i believe we need to unify our country. we need to stop separating ourselves by race and ethnicity and income. we need to focus on the things that tie us together and whether it's donald trump or president obama, their divisiveness is wrong. >> trump fired back today saying voters don't see it any better with bush. >> he doesn't have the energy and i will tell you when he raises $100 million, every single person that gave every single dollar is expecting something for that money. >> joining us to straighten all this out steve forbes. we need you tonight to bring the republican party together to assuage these candidates and
6:36 am
bring them frank willty and peace. >> i tried 20 years ago so i'm an agitator now. >> i got a kick out of jeb bush. one thing, trump was wrong. he said he wasn't energetic or fired up. jeb was fired up when he went after trump there. >> yes. since his announcement a few weeks ago, he has been very energetic and i think everyone is looking forward to the fox debates next month. >> i know i am. it's going to be interesting to see who's going on there. the top two will be bush it looks like and trump. it depends on -- it can go either way on who's on top of it. walker a close third. after this you pick them. who do you think will be in there with them in? >> you might get governor huckabee. he has a base in iowa. maybe john kasich will be announcing next week.
6:37 am
he'll get a bump from that. chris christie will probably find a way in. i don't know about carly fiorina and ben carson. >> top ten in five major national polls will be in the debate. it's going to be fascinating. trump. i've got to hear your views on trump. the man has -- it depends on how you look at it some people say sucking up all the oxygen in the gop race. others are saying he's dominating. depends on if you're for him or against him. >> there's enough oxygen in the world for everybody which is why we have so many politicians. in terms of the republican race donald trump has tapped into what people like elizabeth warren has, people who feel things are not going right in this country.
6:38 am
>> how could they feel that way? >> when you have 90% of the people whose incomes haven't gone up. >> populous means for the people. who would be the people on the other side of that e kags? what is the antonyn? >> washington does well while the rest of the country does not. >> i've noticed that. so when steve forbes is described, what would you like to be called? >> i'd like to be called steve forbes. >> you threw out the first label. i'm trying to find the second one and your choice. what i find interesting is -- >> progrowth reagan americanism. >> go get them. by the way, i can personally -- i can corroborate your views of thoughts and values. i've known you for so long but
6:39 am
what i cannot understand is why there is this reluctance in the republican party for this word populism. if the republicans do in thenot connect with the people working men and women, small businessmen and women, if they do not connect with the middle class, they're toast again. if they keep talking nonsense low taxes and low regulation and that bull is over. they're going to have to have a little more thought. >> well reagan had a very populous program in 1980. >> absolutely. why not emulate it? >> and a positive one. one of the things happening with 16 candidates is they're all forced if they want to stay in this thing to have a positive program. so i'm looking for candidates rand paul did, i don't agree with all parts of his tax plan but he put a specific one out
6:40 am
there. i want the others to do that. >> few americans have the patience to put up with a tax plan -- >> it affect all of us. reagan cut rates 25% across the board. >> he was talking about microphones and jack rabbits and the evil empire. he didn't just -- >> we have an evil empire now. it's called iran. >> i know. do you think the other candidates do? >> i think if they don't, they soon will. they always will. >> it's always good to talk to you. appreciate it. it's going to be a heck of a debate. thank you. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. do you support the obama iranian nuclear deal. dash cam video out of orlando, florida capturing the dangers of being a police officer. a police officer pulling over a
6:41 am
car because of reports of gunfire in the area. this report approaches the car, his gun drawn. the passenger flees and the driver hits the gas and runs over the police officer. he remains hospitalized tonight. he is reported in stable condition. the hit and run driver 17 years old, arrested and now facing attempted second degree murder. in cape cod, massachusetts, beach goers came together to save a stranded great white shark. that would not be my first instinct. this seven-foot shark washed up on a sand bar. they splashed water on the shark until authorities could arrive and do better. professionals safely pulled it back into the ocean. the shark swam away apparently unharmed. up next a new study finds millennials would take smart phones over jobs any time.
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more proof millennials have their priorities -- some would say mixed up. a new survey finds that most millennials would prefer to text or use social media than have jobs. my god. 60% of workers 18 to 34 say if their bosses try to stop to use them from using a mobile device to take care of their personal business, they would quit their jobs. joining us, fox news contributors. good to have you both. >> thanks. >> i don't know whether to applaud the millennials for their courage and individuality or think they're out of their minds. what do you think? >> let's start with the ma lel yal on the panel. >> thank you. >> you guys rehearsed that? >> not at all. we've just worked together for 13 years. >> i feel like i've it was well said and moving. >> i like smart phones in the workplace. a little social media break and mental break can help productivity in the long run and so long as you get your work done i think we should allow the phones. not a problem but the ideal situation would be i don't have to work. you know? it's like you could pay my bills, that would be perfect. >> he could pay your bills. he chooses not to which is rude. >> i apologize. may i apologize? the reality is that phones have reached a point now -- i'd like the talk about the i watch for a
6:48 am
little while but we'll defer that. this new report showing that phones can detect depression from northwestern university which means it's absolutely true. that's really fancy stuff. is it going to change the world h ? >> i don't know that i agree with the survey. it was with 28. i'm more depressed when i lose out of battery or i lose my phone. if you want to know if i'm depressed, go on my twitter or facebook. i'm an oversharer. >> communication is what it's all about. >> this reminds me of a joke when woody allen said he bought a really expensive tape recorder and he spoke into it, it would say i know i know. i don't like the wording. your phone doesn't know you're
6:49 am
dprez depressed. someone who accesses your phone knows you're depressed. >> that's an important point. perhaps i'm a little late. others are reminding us machines are taking over. >> let's embrace it. what else can we do? >> there you go. i hadn't thought of that. it's that time, isn't it? let's turn to donald trump's candidacy. he's beefing up security because he said he was going to kick el chapo's and i want to pronounce this name correctly, el chapo's butt. that's really kind of a -- that's kind of courageous on the part of the candidate, don't you think? >> america's hero. >> if he's so courageous why does he have all this security
6:50 am
and why is he getting the fbi involved in handle your business yourself sir? >> the president has it. >> that's different. >> first lady. >> that's different. >> you wouldn't have security if you were -- >> i would, yeah but i'm not going around saying i'm going to kick al chapel chapo's ass. >> this is the first time to my knowledge that a public figure has said they'll go after a dug cartel leader. >> we need this kind of energy to be in the white house. we need someone who will get stuff done. >> maybe trump could hire some of the ss soldiers that he tweeted out the picture of yesterday. >> it was an intern andy. >> television an intern. >> how many times have you heard from a political campaign it was the intern? thank you very much. >> president clinton tried that.
6:51 am
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joining us tonight, two of the best defense attorneys there
6:55 am
is. let's start with the failure of the united states to extradite al chap el chapo. what happened. >> and escaped twice from mexican prisons. >> he did not escape. he was escorted ever so -- >> yes. gently out. yes. it makes absolutely no sense, and i think our government has to be stronger about going after someone like el chapo saying extradition treaty you give them to us now. there are so many vie lagolations in this country. extradite him now. >> this is him on the plane. he posted this basically, i think, saying all of you people who thought i was in jail just to be sure that you know i escaped, here i am flying high. they closed every airport in mexico. didn't help. >> allegedly, allegedly,
6:56 am
attorneys -- what do they call what he has there in mexico? what's the word they use? >> i speak spanish. we're not going to go there. the american government -- >> i speak a little. >> do you? >> enough to tell you what i was talking about. i mean i don't get it. this corruption has to be on both sides of the border. this is not just a mexican corruption. >> well because we're not doing anything about it. we're just saying okay -- >> this is a little more. this is not benign. we're talking now about both sides and people don't want to acknowledge it. i'm going to whisper it. there's american corruption on the border north of the border. >> i mean there is evidence that the obama administration did strongly request to have him extradited. >> are you kidding me? they talk with the leading. >> that's what i was saying. they strongly request. i mean this should have been a demand.
6:57 am
a demand that if you don't extradite him with columbia i know personally some attorneys who have -- being in the courtroom with columbian drug lords and they're behind bars because columbia extradites them. mexico not so much. >> it's a haven. let's be honest. you've got tens of thousands of mexican citizens being killed every year and most of that is cartel violence. and we're seeing it spill into this country. why in the world is this justice department local law enforcement, why isn't this -- >> because they're not making it a priority. >> they who? >> the department of justice. and said we want him yesterday. >> they're too busy investigating a fired commissioner police commissioner in baltimore. i mean it's a game. >> but that's the point. they're just not putting any energy into it. they're not prioritizing it. everything that comes down with the partner's justice, they always prioritize what they're
6:58 am
looking at. this was not a priority. >> and 50 cent is bankruptcy in. >> that's shaky. >> don't put the camera on -- >> we'll do that together. >> shaky, shaky. it's very shaky, shaky. he says in connecticut, let me file a bankruptcy petition which halts every case. >> so he doesn't pay any money. >> but he gets to work and live in his 21-bedroom mansion. >> we'll see what the federal judge says in connecticut. >> you don't suppose the federal judge is corrupt? >> no. i mean he did just file the petition petition. there's been no decision. please. >> let me see if i got the legal terminology. i'm not suggesting the judge would have to be corrupt if this
6:59 am
were a shaky shaky -- >> he's basically moving things around and saying i need protection on this. i need protection on that so i can't go to that county and testify yet. >> thanks for -- sanktdctuary cities. >> if a court would rule that the federal government has constitutional right to all immigration reforms, then sanctuary cities by and large would be -- would be unconstitutional. a court would have to rule that. they could do that. that's a way to get around the immunity they have now. >> immunity for breaking law. >> yeah. >> that is by the way, shaky, shaky. >> that is. in a very bad way. >> well you have overlaps and that's why you have decisions of
7:00 am
higher courts to come down. >> what are the odds anybody is going to do anything about this? >> not much. >> thanks for the good news there. >> sorry. thank you both. have a great evening. good night. from new york. >> i am here at freedom fest the world's biggest gathering of people and tonight's topic is the american dream still achievable? the founder of whole foods the head of the restaurant chain carl's, jr.. and the man who helped to build modern lowe's vegas and made a couple billion dollars to read it. our topic, what happened to the american dream? that is our show. tonight.


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